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NUPAFEED Dog Stress-less Tabletten vet. 200 St
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NUPAFEED Dog Stress-less Tabletten vet. 200 tablets ~ approx one month's supply for a medium sized (30kg) dog Some of our customers who have used this product said: "After trying different methods to calm my anxious rescued German Pointer, I've found something that works, NUPAFEED Stress-Less!! No more nervous barking and great concentration while working. I am so impressed, I am happy to recommend the Nupafeed products to all my clients." Alison Mathews, dog trainer. "My Dalmation bitch Ruby was a nightmare, she was not only hyperactive but also suffered from anxiety and would whine all the way to shows. After a couple of weeks on Nupafeed Stress Less, and some trials with adjusting the dosage, she has changed completely and is just like a normal dog!" Emer Birmingham, County Wicklow, Ireland. The formula was originally developed in Germany for human medicine more than 25 years ago to treat clinically diagnosed magnesium deficiency. It was then used successfully on nervous horses to counteract the physiological effects of stress and to improve behaviour for competition and training performance. NUPAFEED STRESS LESS is a highly effective liquid which facilitates maximum absorption of magnesium by the body. The magnesium liquid calmer for horses has been used by vets and equestrian competitors, establishing itself as the choice of top professionals in all disciplines. By customer request, it has now been developed for working dogs. Magnesium occurs naturally in the body and is involved in the regulation of muscle and nerve function. It also prevents excess levels of stress hormones including adrenaline - the fight or flight activator. Magnesium levels are rapidly depleted during times of stress, often resulting in nervousness, anxiety, aggression, excitability, weight loss, hyperactivity, constant barking and general tension. If a deficiency occurs and the diet is insufficient to replenish the loss, then the stress cycle is likely to continue. It is suitable for working, racing, agility, show, re-homed dogs and breeds which inherently utilise high levels of magnesium. Situations where your working dog may need supplementation are Separation anxiety and puppy well-being Racing dogs where condition needs to be maintained Agility dogs in training and competition where acute concentration is required Gundogs and sheepdogs in training Show dogs anticipating the showring Dogs in the process of being rehomed Breeding bitches and whelping where any deficiencies may occur in puppies. Keeping dogs calm in the fireworks season. NUPAFEED STRESS LESS was developed from a pharmaceutical grade formulation by German pharmaceutical company Verla-Pharm. This means that absolute quality is assured, with the added benefit of a unique formula, Magnesium Aspartate Hydrochloride (MAH), for highly efficient uptake from the gut. Unlike other calmers on the market, NUPAFEED STRESS LESS is NOT a sedative or a drug. It therefore targets the cause, not merely the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. It works simply by giving your dog the daily intake of efficiently absorbed magnesium required to regulate the body naturally, allowing normal nerve and muscle function. The manufacturers of this product are dedicated to helping you with your particular canine behavioural problems which may be alleviated with magnesium supplementation.

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Ergonomischer Applikationsschwamm fürs Aufbringen von Reifengel, Dressings und Glanzmitteln. Ein erfordeliches Instrument für den anspruchsvollen Profi, ist für alle Reifen geeignet. Der Schwamm erleichtert die Arbeit von Fahrzeugaufbereitern. Äußerst geeignet für Meetings, Messen, Tuning Shows und Autosalons.

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