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Evening Desert Safari with Belly Dance and BBQ ...
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Welcome to the desert side of Dubai, which you’ll definitely fall in love with. Enjoy the amazing and thrilling rides during Evening Desert Safari Dubai in the depths of the desert alongside our professional drivers as guides. So be prepared to witness Arabic hospitality alongside its amazing Arabic delicacies.Furthermore,During Evening Desert SafariFeel your pulse racing as you race on the top of the desert dunes on a thrilling journey of dune bashing.Leaving only tiny bits of rays falling on the sand and creating a wonderful view of the sky. Enjoy a cup of traditional Arabic tea, also known as Kawa, along with the mouth-watering Arabic delights. A specially prepared BBQ Buffet will be waiting for you at the end of Evening Desert Safari. At the CampFill your appetite under the night sky with live Arabic music in the background. Sit back and relax as you watch the belly dancers put on a remarkable show.

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